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Microsoft Office 365 and Client Trust

To succeed in a modern law practice, you need the right technology when going digital. In 2015, Browning Law Group adopted Microsoft Office 365 to manage collaboration and communication from the Microsoft cloud. But at least one Add-in to Outlook 365 is critical to the law firm’s practice: LawToolBox365.

The Cloud? Ethical?

In fact, state bar associations embrace storing privileged client data in the cloud, a key component of going digital. Here’s a short YouTube video on the Browning Law Group safeguards client trust with Office 365 and a recent Microsoft Office blog post on the subject. Study after study has canvassed the compelling business reasons for law firms to move data to the cloud, including efficient collaboration and increased productivity. Also see this LawToolBox blog post. LawToolBox vigorously safeguards the confidential information of law firms and their clients, and deploys redundant backup of data with methods for law firms to retrieve and off-load their data.

The Rapidly Connecting World

Browning Law Group recognizes that in today’s connected business world, putting the best technology systems in place that allow our lawyers and staff to collaborate effectively is a top priority. And no longer can law firms allocate resources to expensive internal servers and to solving IT problems.

Still, security and client trust remains the topmost priority. With that in mind, for the Browning Law Group, Office 365 was an easy choice, as was the LawToolBox Add-in, which enhances client trust by reducing the risk of missed case deadlines to near zero.

“Knowing I’m not missing any litigation deadlines brings peace of mind and saves time. With LawToolBox case deadlines inside Outlook365, tracking deadlines is smooth and quick. I always know when case deadlines are looming, which means I won’t miss any. Rather than worrying about deadlines, and I can focus on my legal work. Thank you LawToolBox!”

John Browning, Founder and President

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