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Our Practice Areas

Over the course of your business’ lifetime, you will likely require assistance from an attorney several times. Whether you need guidance regarding employment contracts, drafting manuals or just keeping your general legal needs satisfied, attorneys at the Browning Law Group can serve as your general counsel.

Our law firm serves small businesses throughout Southern California by providing knowledgeable and efficient legal representation. With over four decades of experience, our firm fully understands how to handle many aspects of business law. We aim to build a strong relationship with our clients, so we can better serve their needs. Regardless of the legal issues you may be facing, we aim for swift and effective resolutions.

Our lead attorney, John Browning, owned and ran a successful small business. He understands the legal issues and challenges that may arise in the lifetime of a small business, and understands what qualities you are looking for in an attorney. He also understands legal issues from both the lawyer’s and owner’s perspectives.

Some common services we provide for small businesses include:

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Forming and closing entities
  • Buying and selling a business
  • Employment manual preparation and review
  • Board meeting attendance and annual reporting
  • Terminating employees
  • Keeping corporate books

Planning ahead for your family is an important aspect of your future. Making crucial decisions can be difficult, so it is important you speak with an experienced attorney who will guide you through the legal steps. At the Law Offices of John R. Browning, we are dedicated to providing the hands-on and individualized services you are looking for.

We will meet with you and listen to your objectives and goals for your situation. Then, we will provide honest legal advice about your options. John Browning is highly knowledgeable of the procedures and tactics needed to effectively create a trust. He will advise you on the best strategy to take and what the benefits are for certain types of trusts.

Typical trusts we assist clients in establishing include:

  • Family revocable trust
  • Marital deduction trust
  • Special needs trust
  • Life insurance trust

Many of our clients are business owners. Succession planning is very important, and we can assist with the estate-planning portion. As a former business owner, attorney Browning understands the financial aspects involved with and the importance of planning ahead for the future. He can assist in establishing a trust for your business, as well as other family business planning needs.

Working with many businesses has given our firm the expertise in dealing with all aspects of employment law. Conflicts within the workplace can get stressful, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Our legal team can provide excellent guidance for both employers and employees.

Areas of employment law include:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Retaliation

Our clients are kept up to date on all aspects of the relationship between a business and the people that make it happen. New laws and new legal interpretations can impact a business significantly. For example, recent interpretations have changed how both the State of California and the IRS view independent contractors – and the news isn’t good for employers. Are you and your business exposed to liability for misclassifying someone as an independent contractor?  (Hint – do they have other clients, or do they only work for you?) Don’t wait to find out through an IRS audit, EDD investigation, or DLSE wage claim when he or she leaves.

Our firm has over 20 years experience representing various parties in the southern California real estate industry, from the purchase to development to construction, both in litigation and drafting the transaction paperwork. Entering into a transaction to buy or sell real property can be daunting. Failing to structure the transaction properly can lead to litigation and tax consequences. No matter what your situation, it is important to consult with an attorney to avoid potential pitfalls.

If a lawsuit has been filed against your business, Browning Law Group attorneys are here to represent you. Our team of experts understand the legal issues and challenges that may arise in a business, and we understand the qualities you are looking for in an attorney. Some of these matters can often be resolved outside of the courtroom through skilled efforts in mediation and can sometimes require litigation.

Put Experience On Your Side

Our Practice Areas

The attorneys at the Browning Law Group are dedicated to providing the best professional and personal legal services.

Our Services Include:

  • Business Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Employment Law
  • Real Estate
  • Securities Law
  • Litigation

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